A software that will allow you to fully adapt to the digital world in customer relationship management: Greysis Broker!

CRM software used by real estate agents to track processes related to portfolio tracking, customer management and sales transactions in the real estate sector provides a great advantage in terms of facilitating complex business processes.

Such software, which facilitates especially complex real estate processes, helps to categorize many complex data and inputs in business processes.


The Greysis Broker system, which includes the latest technologies within these systems, is a cloud-based structure that offers integrated usage options, compatible with different platforms such as mobile. The software, which has multi-purpose usage options and includes modules such as rent tracking, portfolio management and customer management, helps real estate companies accelerate their digital transformation strategies.

CRM infrastructure that speeds up your digital transformation process

Greysis Broker, which is one of the first options that comes to mind when it comes to the programs used by realtors, is a software that will allow you to adapt to the digital world. It is a constantly needed tool like Emlak CAD program, which is one of the tools used by real estate agents, and includes new generation usage options.


It enables real-time tracking of complex processes such as rent tracking in real estate and portfolio management processes. It raises the standards of real estate marketing processes with comprehensive analysis and reporting tools. In this way, real estate companies both facilitate their business processes and make it possible to follow the entire customer relationship flow with an integrated Real Estate application.

No more complexity with a simple and functional interface

Current property management system software in the market are products that are sold at high price ranges and are far from functional. Many of them have not even received an update for a long time and have a design far from the new generation interface standards. These software, which cannot benefit from the blessings of digital, complicate the business processes of companies.


At this point, Greysis Broker, developed by an expert team in the light of new generation software and interface trends, promises its users a high-level user experience. Offering very easy control options, especially with its simplified interface options, the Broker allows all transactions related to customer management to be carried out in the fastest way. As such, it helps to increase the business efficiency of real estate companies and to enrich customer relationship management processes.

Get ready to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies

Industry 4.0 is defined as an ecosystem that allows the use of new generation digital technologies to control industrial processes in a programmable manner with computer-based technologies. At this point, since the Broker CRM system has been developed taking into account the dynamics of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem; It contains all the possibilities of the latest technology. The product that provides rich usage options; It helps to control business processes in a cloud-based way. In this way, real estate consultancy firms can create common access areas and provide business follow-up simultaneously.

Broker usage options

Broker, generally developed for functions such as customer tracking and portfolio management; stands out with its flexible usage options. Offering project management modules that facilitate office work and work flow, Broker; It also helps to improve team communication. Broker CRM software with versatile and functional integration options; It can also work in harmony with different project management modules or software infrastructures. With titles such as rent tracking, property management, posting management and scheduling protocols, it makes it possible to track portfolios especially needed in real estate processes. The Broker, which can be used for different types of real estate and includes plot program modules, is among the most functional products in the market.


Besides all these; if included in the business; Modules for portfolio, field, after-sales and similar departmental structures are also available within the system. Developed on a 360 degree comprehensive software infrastructure, Broker CRM responds to all requirements that may be needed in business processes. Broker CRM infrastructure, which is the primary choice of companies that want to adapt to digital transformation; It would be correct to say that it appeals to companies targeting the top in the real estate industry.